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HCA welcomes everyone of good character, any race, creed or background with a desire to sing solid harmony. Any background with an emphasis on singing is great but not required. Although helpful, the ability to sight-read music is not a requirement for joining - we use pre-recorded learning tracks of our entire repertoire.

Visitors Always Welcome

Come join us!

Effective Thursday, June 3, we are rehearsing in person. Please see our COVID policy below, which applies to all members and visitors.

Rehearsal Location

Our rehearsals are held on Thursdays at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall at the Church of the Holy Family, 200 Hayes Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517.  There are parking lots both to the left and behind the church building. The Parish Hall is located on the left side of the building.


It's a simple process for anyone who wishes to audition for membership in HCA.

You’ll be asked to sing several vocal exercises and patterns that will help us determine your range, tone quality, and pitch accuracy & memory.

Then we will ask that you learn a short song or a barbershop tag (a dramatic variation put in the last section of the song) on your specific voice part, which you will sing in either a quartet or a small group. Our director and music team will listen for correct words and notes, good vocal tone, your ability to sing your part independently, and how your sound will blend with the chorus. You will be allowed to use sheet music during the audition.

The final decision is made by the director in conjunction with the Music Team.

Our COVID Policy

We look forward to the day when we can all stand on risers together, unmasked, and sing. We know that this day will come eventually. In the meantime, our priorities are to protect the collective health of our singing community and to respect the policies of the church that generously provides us with rehearsal space.

Here is the chorus's current policy regarding masks and social distancing, based on the policies of the Diocese that oversees Church of the Holy Family, as well as the recommendation of a chorus member who, besides being an MD, has extensive experience with infectious diseases and CDC protocols.

We welcome visitors, but ask you to join our members in adhering to these policies.

Policies affecting everyone:

  • All attendees will wear masks on arrival and departure; those are times when we could have small “traffic jams” in places where people congregate.
  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival at rehearsal. Anyone with a temperature of 99.6 or above will be asked to return home.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and take good care of yourself. Please join us another time when you're feeling better!

Policies affecting fully vaccinated attendees

  • Fully vaccinated singers (i.e., those who are at least two weeks past their first Johnson & Johnson shot or their second Pfizer/Moderna shot) are not required to wear masks or to socially distance, except at arrival and departure.
  • In order to attend rehearsals without a mask, you will need to present your vaccination card on arrival at your first rehearsal to Melissa Martin, chorus secretary.

Policies affecting singers who have had, and recovered from, COVID:

  • As with fully vaccinated singers, masks and social distancing are not required of those who have recovered from COVID, except at arrival and departure.
  • Instead of presenting a vaccination card, you will need to present a lab report showing a positive COVID antibody test.

Policies affecting unvaccinated singers:

  • For the time being, unvaccinated singers will be required to wear a mask and to socially distance.
  • In case you forget your mask on a given week, we will have a supply of disposable masks available at rehearsal.
  • There is no need to explain why you haven't been vaccinated. That is nobody's business but your own.

Members are asked to purchase the "Resonance" singer's mask:   (promo code "Choralosophy" gives you a 5% discount), for use by unvaccinated singers and possibly by all of us at certain performances.

The Diocese intends to continue to revisit its policies as the situation evolves, and the chorus COVID Committee will meet regularly to re-evaluate our plans and make appropriate revisions (which will be posted here).

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